The Mission:

Provide a service that incoporates Anishnawbe cultural teachings, stories and songs into workshops and programming in order to to raise cultural awareness and understanding as well as promote healing, inclusion and relationships.

The Vision:

Anishnawbe Giikenimowgaywin will be recognized world wide as an Aboriginal based organization dedicated to promoting community connection and cultural sensitivity. 

"When we go through physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma, we become victims. Eventually, if we survive, we become survivors. Once we learn the meaning behind our stories and learn to talk about them openly, we can  begin to let go of that pain and hurt, for no one but ourselves. Then we become warriors." ~Daniel Sakchekapo

Contact us:

Daniel & Andrea Sakchekapo
Edmonton, Alberta
587-417-2058 Text or Leave a Message 

"Daniel Sakchekapo specializes in workshop facilitation, he currently provides training to Social Workers, Child Youth Care workers and social service providers. He also speaks at a variety of seminars, conferences and is asked by organization to MC a lot of their events. We have had the pleasure and honour of hiring Daniel Sakchekapo as a contractor to come and provide team building with-in our team, and as a consultant to further better our company" - Elite Warriorz - 

"Andrea Sakchekapo is an amazing Yoga Teacher! I am self conscience about my appearance after I had my child. I bought one of her promotional loyalty cards. She explains things so well, and her husband is so funny, but left us in peace...I am also going to experience a sweat lodge for the first time. I am very happy to meet such inspiring people. I give two thumbs up!" - Donna Ferguson


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