Voices of the People

"Daniel has shared his abilities and teachings with a number of programs at our agency, including women's programs, youth programs, special events and others. He has a particular gift for engaging people, both one on one and group settings. I have been especially impressed by his ability to help people get to the heart of what they are negotiating by using powerful metaphors and posing questions that enroll them in their own solutions. In this way he truly facilitates- by helping people help themselves, rather than giving them the answers." ~Sheryl Peters, Program Coordinator.

"Daniel was able to connect with youth during the workshop Breaking the Chains in a way that ignited a spark in many youth to retrace their ways to discovering identity, self-worth and Anishnawbe spirituality. Many respondents indicated they were inspired to make changes in their own lives after hearing Daniel share his life story. Here are some of the comments from the final report:

'He inspired me to make my life the best it can be and to not be discouraged no matter what obstacles come my way'

'The Breaking the Chains presentation by Daniel was the most meaningful to me.'

'The most meaningful conference was Daniel's with the youth; I enjoyed it the most and it taught me how to get back on the right track. It also taught me lots more.'

'Daniel S. is a very inspiring young man.'

'I liked how Daniel told the youth how hard his life was and then he started to get better and started to get involved in his culture." ~Reena Legarde, Cultural Program Leader at Biimaadiziwen Wiidookaagewinini Cultural Program.

"After the impressive way that Daniel connected to the students [500 Youth]- Daniel was also contracted to provide teachings to our staff. He was sensitive and once again connected with all those who were present. He has a natural gift for teaching and delivering his message in a way that connects with those how are fortunate enough to recieve his teachings. Our staff was so impressed with his message and connection that one of our staff members flew him up to Poplar Hill, a remote Ontario reserve, to speak to her students." ~Cathy Rodgers, Teacher at Fort Williams First Nation Internet High School

"Daniel's voice is beautiful and he was able to capture the attention of the people we were trying to  help out. His stories and teachings are simplified so that people from all levels of education or intellect and everyone was able to take something very special home with them.I have seen how Daniel's ceremonies bring people to a greater understanding of life and answers to their own personal struggles.Daniel is very gentle when it comes to his teachings and his ceremonies, it iis his understanding that when you show kindness that it is infectious and teachers others to spread this kindness to to others.Daniel is very gifted and it would be greatly beneficial for ANYONE to hire or connect with him. I see him as gentle warrior." ~ Carolyn Moar, Coordinator of More and Moar

"I honestly enjoyed all aspects of the presentation, from the teachings to the drumming and singing." ~Anonymous from the Anishnawbe Teachings Workshop

"All of the information was awesome. I especially liked the drumming and the singing. I also very much enjoyed the smudging. I felt past pain and hurt leave my body." ~Anonymous from the Anishnawbe Teachings Workshop

"Excellent interaction with the group. Made it very interesting and hard to be anything but  actively present in the teachings.  It opened my eyes up to the 'why' Also the drumming and the singing was quite an experience in itself." Anonymous from the Anishnawbe Teachings Workshop

"Very interesting information, definitely appreciated a little more knowledge about Native culture. My favorite was the drumming and singing was amazing! Amazing voice!" ~Anonymous from the Anishnawbe Teachings Workshop

"The relation as personal stories to the teachings made me appreciate what was being told to me a lot more. The accompnient of songs into the experience kept it upbeat and relateable." ~Anonymous from the Anishnawbe Teachings Workshop

"Really well done presentation. Presenters did a wonderful job in explaining about gang issues." ~Staff at Wrap Ed Program

"The realness of the presentation is what we really need to hear! Really opened our eyes!" ~Staff at Wrap Ed Program

"At first I was taken aback but really appreciated how raw the presentation was. There was no smoke and mirrors. The message was raw but was extremely powerful. We need to hear from knowledgeable people like Daniel." ~Staff at Wrap Ed Program

" The presentation was straight forward and very engaging. I believe the rawness of the  message is what makes it unique and valuable." ~Staff from the Wrap Ed Program.